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Total Asset Recovery

At InStock Furniture Liquidators we are here to help your business maximize profit by clearing out unwanted stock. Whether it's excess, underperforming, returns, obsolete, discontinued Home Goods, we can buy it in one shot, and end your inventory problem today.

If you're in business and have a closeout inventory problem, or if you're ready to close the doors for any reason and simply want out we can help! Business is stressful enough! We make go out of our way to make sure offloading your excess inventory doesn't add to it. We always pay up front for your stock, all you have to do is pack it up [we can do this to!], and then we send our trucks in to pick-it within DAYS!

Full Confidentiality

We know, we know... privacy is important for your business, as it is for ous. That is why we maintain complete confidentiality when working together.


You can choose from a suite of options to based on your needs and stock. We can make an offer for an outright purchase of your stock, giving you immediate access to capital, or sell it for you through our extensive partners - which will increase the amount you recover.

We can handle any amount of unwanted inventory, including YOURS.

For a free, confidential consultation on how we can help sell your inventory, get in touch.

Closing Down or To Infinity & Beyond

Learn how to get rid of excess stock.
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